Tuesday, July 27, 2010

First Home Bout at Rollarama

I don't even know where to start.

Our first home bout of 2010 was, unofficially, a huge success.  Rollarama was packed.  I think I heard over 300 people came out to check out the HoT derby action.  We ran out of chairs and programs.  The chairs didn't seem to be a big problem (although we promise to accommodate better in the future!) because the crowd didn't seem to mind being on their feet and cheering us on.  There were so many more people there than we expected.  Thank you to all the fans that came out and cheered us to victory!

This was our first bout at Rollarama.  It was also the first bout brought to you by our new Bout Production Manager, C-Unit.  Most people don't know how much time and effort goes into putting on something like this.  I still don't even completely know, but we're all learning.  But as a skater, I think C-Unit and her whole crew did an amazing time preparing, setting up, coordinating, running around, and finally kicking butt during the whole production.  Thank you so much to all our volunteers, coaches, referees, and NSOs.

Me and Wii Block Her
at the after party
Thank you to The ManchVegas Roller Girls who graced our home space with style and friendliness.  As I lined up for each jam, here and there one of their players would smile or say hello to me, and a competitive friendly nod.  Wii Block Her was especially cool.  Later on, I met Chick Anery and a couple others at the after party.  Thanks to MVRG for coming out, playing hard, and partying with us afterwards!

Hellions MVP Mathundra
Storm with her Trophy
Lastly, I'd like to highlight the game MVPs:
Hellions: Mathundra Storm, #1108, who later went on to win the after party, IMO; and
ManchVegas: Massenkill, #2, who impressed the Hellions with her tenacity and for the way she stuck it to our own #2, Missy HellaHit.

Hellions of Troy, first home bout os Summer 2010
vs. ManchVegas Roller Girls from Manchchester, NH
Hellions: 139
ManchVegas Roller Girls: 44

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