Thursday, July 8, 2010

Getting Involved

I'm the type of person who loves being in the middle of things.  I was in student government in high school.  I was in yearbook club in college (SUNY Albany has a yearbook?  Yes!)  I like to know what's going on.

I remember when I first joined the Hellions it seemed like there were a million opportunities to hang out with the league outside of practice.  It was September, so it was just after their summer season ended.  Whip It was coming up, we had our birthday party, zombie prom.  A whirlwind of activity.  Who planned all this stuff, I wondered?  I'm the person that plans things.  Who made all this happen?

One thing I love so much about this league, and derby in general, is that it's full of movers and shakers.  Roller derby is skater-owned-and-operated.  The girls and our supporters make things happen.

Hellions at the Spectrum Theater for the premier of
Whip It in October 2009.  One of my first "public
appearances" as a Hellion.
When I first joined, I was hesitant to volunteer to head things up because I was new to the game.  I knew I didn't know the whole inner-workings of the league.  But I wanted to help.  So I showed up for the Whip It event (so much fun!) and started going to league meetings.  More and more I got involved.

Fast forward to today.  We had a Creative Services meeting, where I just presented showed off the recruitment flyer I created and also the advertisement for our next trivia night.  Some other big news: I'm the league's new interim Public Relations Manager (and possibly full time - just giving it a trial run for now).

I really feel like I'm in now.  I'm not over my head, though, thanks to help from people who have been in my position before.  I even wrote my first press release today!  Sure it probably needs some work, but I think it's going in the right direction.  Making "derby" happen is a lot of work, but I am so happy to have so many others on the league who are also interested in getting things done.

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