Friday, July 23, 2010

Schenectady Art Night

Last Friday the Hellions were skating around downtown Schenectady for Schenectady Art Night.  We got hooked up by the editor of Quintessential 'Zine.  'Zines and derby definitely go hand-in-hand together.  Quintessential is definitely very DIY - and they've been successful, too:  Quintessential celebrated it's one year anniversary this month!

Art Night is the third Friday of every month.  We were set up inside of Proctor's Theatre, where they had a live band playing.  We were near the Muddy Cup, too, so it was a nice atmosphere.

Lots of people were out enjoying the nice weather! This was a fun event because all the Schenectady people were thrilled when we told them we play at Rollarama. "WOW!  I used to skate there a little kid!  Haven't been in ages!"  Which was the perfect segue into telling them they should come check out our bout this weekend. ;)

4'11" vs. The Amazon
At one point, Deadlie Mercury and I headed out to the streets to hand out flyers.  I didn't have my skates with me, so I hoofed it on foot while she rolled on.  I think this picture is hilarious!  I might be in denial, but it only LOOKS like there is a foot and a half difference.  I swear.

Ah well, they don't call me Short Temper for nothing.

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