Thursday, August 12, 2010

August Recruitment Night

We had an awesome turnout for our last recruitment night.  About 10 have been coming back consistently, and quite a few already have their gear.  I am impressed!!

If you missed our last recruitment night, you still have another chance this coming Monday, August 16.  Now is definitely the time to join - it's the end of our summer season so you'll have time to learn Derby 101 and prepare at your own pace for joining the veterans on the track.

Also, the Hellions LOVE the fall.  Our birthday is in September (we'll be turning 3!), plus we've got other fun events scheduled such as the Zombie Walk & Zombie Prom.  We'd love to have you join our league!


  1. This really looks like great fun.

    Do you really need more volunteers? If so, for what type of work?

  2. The Hellions are always looking for people to get involved in the league, as non-skating officials, coaches, and referees, as well as anyone that can offer any skills- creative, technological, business/legal, etc. We welcome all kinds of individuals who would like to help out with our organization. Email if you are interested in volunteering!

  3. sweetpea, we are actually turning JUST TWO! i know, it's hard to believe :) we're going in to our third year but this is our second birthday, having been founded in september 2008.
    <3 flexi